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CNF Molds and Plastics Co., Limited is engaged on mould making, smart manufacturing of automotive, home appliances, medicals, electronics and sporting products, CNF provides integrated OEM/ODM services from research, developement, testing, printing, assembly to packaging for China and global customer, CNF pursues value-added and forward-looking business philosphy, and persistently make investment on cross-industry integration, to converge the moulded hardware with smart functions and to be connected with Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS and so on, which enable the company and the customer stand out from digitalization era.

CNF is under the management of Flying Eagle Industrial Group Limited, having more than 6,800 sqm of workshops for moulding services,in the year of 2013, CNF expanded 1200sqm of new workshops for electronics manufacturing services, there are a dozen of Chinese engineers work in synergy with veteran couterpart located in Osaka of Japan, in 2018 fiscal year, the company contributed turnover more than 74.5million HK Dollar(930 million Japanese Yen) to the Group.

CNF forges ahead to be the most reliable moulding and digital services provider in China, explore the latest technology in the world combined with the competitive operation cost of China. Our mission is to develop and produce the highest quality products with focus on customer service and affordability.


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